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Brooks PureCadence are high performance running shoes which deliver you with superior support, comfort and durability. These shoes have been made using latest technologies which deliver superior support and comfort. The materials used in the construction of these shoes is lightweight and long lasting. These shoes have the minimalist construction which makes them perfect running shoes. These shoes belong to the PureProject Collection by Brooks. The superb technology by Brooks called Ideal Technology is used in the construction of these shoes. This technology has five unique and very effective features which are Anatomical Last, Ideal Heel, BioMoGo DNA, Toe Flex and Nav Band. These superior features ensure that you get maximum support, comfort, stability and long lasting durability. These technologies deliver natural and efficient stride, it makes the running more balanced by keeping your feet aligned and it also offers shocks absorption to deliver premium comfort and it keeps the harmful stress far from your feet. The upper has been made from the air mesh which very lightweight and it allows excellent breathability to keep the interior of these shoes maximum fresh. The upper has the overlays made from the microfiber synthetic which makes the upper more durable and long lasting. This overlays offers structural strength to the upper so it can withstand the running. These shoes feature wide Elastic Nav Band which makes these shoes fit perfectly as per the shape of your feet. This makes these shoes fit securely to your feet to give you high performance. The heel counter of these shoes has been reinforced to lock the foot perfectly in place so delivers superior performance. The heel cup of these shoes has been designed to contour as per the shape of your foot to give you customized fit. The tongue has been padded to keep the pressure off your feet and also protect your feet from lace bruises. The lace up closure enables customized and personalized fastening to ensure snug and secure fit, The footbed of these shoes is cushioned with the foam which deliver excellent cushioning and support to your feet to magnify the comfort level. This footbed also molds as per the shape of your feet to ensure personalized fit. To make your ride more dynamic and supportive, these shoes features BioMoGo DNA. This technology also contours as per the shape of your feet to deliver personalized fit and it dissipates the shocks with each step to add more comfort and prevent the harmful stress on your feet and legs. To avoid overpronation, these shoes have the Internal PDRB. The midsole offset of these shoes is 4 millimeters. The forefoot of these shoes have the Toe Flex. This makes your ride more natural and supportive. This technology offers stability and power during the push off and it also offers flexibility to allow neutral foot movement. The Ideal Heel technology offers superior energy return and it also makes the contact point to move forward. These shoes have the anatomical last built which makes the whole shoe fit securely to your feet and give you glove like fit. This also makes the shoe lightweight and highly supportive. These shoes have the top quality heel which offers slip free ride on different terrains by ensuring traction. The outsole also offers stability and flexibility to deliver you premium performance. The outsole also offers long lasting wear and it disperses the shocks as you ride to prevent fatigue and stress on your feet. These shoes have 1 inch heel. It weighs 8 ounces as per size 8 which is very lightweight as compare to most of the running shoes. This lightweight construction of these shoes allows you to run long distances without any fatigue. You can find this style in these colors: Silver/ Cayenne/ White, Black/ Brite Green/ Anthracite/ Scuba Blue, Black/ Pink Glo/ Knockout Pink and Purple Magic/ Anthracite/ Black.



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Libby LuLu from NC

I bought these shoes just before they were released. I didn't know anything about them. I went into the store looking for a new running shoe. I was trying on the newer model of the Trance and Adrenaline. The girl asked me if I wanted to try on the new style, she said she would hate for me to miss trying them with being just a two days early. So I tried them on and they are definitely different than your typical running shoe. I am not use to a minimalist shoe, so I wore them around the store and tried on other shoes, but the other shoes didn't even compare. So I bought them. I went on my first run and ran an easy 3 miles and felt good. My knees and ankles didn't hurt and I felt like the shoe supported me well. I wasn't completely sold on them until my run this morning. I ran 4 miles and it was great! I feel like this shoe keeps me in a heel-to-toe run and the cushioning is great. I put in-soles in all my running shoes. They are a little tight around the Nav band at first but I think that was just different than my previous Trance shoes. Overall, I believe I am going to love this shoe. I am concerned about the sole holding up to a full 500 mile wearing but we will see! I suggest trying them out! I love how lightweight they are, it makes running a lot more enjoyable!

Babi from Washington, DC

I have flat feet and I overpronate, so usually when I buy running shoes the sales people direct me to heavy, boxy shoes that feel like I'm running in bricks. Not so with the Cadence! I really wanted to try a "minimalist" shoe and even with all the choices out there I trusted Brooks to make the best. I think I chose wisely-- after 2 runs, I'm in love with these shoes! The support and footstrike is different than what I'm used to so I'm taking it slow. But so far I haven't had any pain or problems, my arches feel supported, and the shoes are so light I feel like I could run forever!

rungirl68 from Winchester, MA

This is a great shoe once again from this brand. However, it is not a great shoe for ALL. Reason is, all their shoes are great however most people do not know what type of shoe they need. For example for someone who overpronates and is a heel striker, this may not work unless they learn to run the RIGHT way which is midfoot-forefoot running. Until you get your form correct, you should take it easy on the mileage with any minimalist shoes otherwise injuries will occur. For those who are expert in running techniques these are AWESOME shoes. that's my 2 cents:))

KLG from Minneapolis, MN

I overpronate but have always wanted to try a minimalist shoe. The description of this shoe is accurate, it provides the stability I need without adding extra bulk and weight to the shoe. So far these shoes have been great for helping me correct my landing with a mid-foot strike and I can really feel the difference. Only "con" I can say about this shoe is that the lacing isn't very flexible and feels tight on top of the shoe, my personal preference is that it would be a little more flexible, but it doesn't seem to affect anything with the shoe's performance or fit on the foot. These shoes are comfortable, lightweight and cute! I have gotten lots of compliments on them.

Beep Beep from Corpus Christi, Texas

I'm a Brooks junkie. I have been running in Adrenalines's and Trance and wear Ravenna to work my 12 hr shift's. I tried a lighter weight shoe in another high end brand but like most it had very little support & cushioning and quality for $110 was poor. I pre ordered the this shoe in hopes than as always they will come through and I wasn't disappointed. Light weight, support and cushioning; how can one beat that. As soon as I put them on I called my daughter n law & gushed over the shoes. She went out & bought the Pure Flow. We ran San Antonio Rock & Roll 1/2 & no foot pain or blisters. A runner came up behind me & yelled " love your shoes" she had them on also. I repeated the same statement. Thanks for continuing the quality and devotion to make us "Run Happy".

Patricia, I "Tri Hard" from Fort Sumner, NM

I usually wear Newtons, so I am a fan of the minimalist running shoe. I wanted to expand into a different minimalist shoe line because I think it is good for my feet to "experience" another last from a different company. I've worn this brand before, and know they make a quality product, so the Pure line was one I was interested in as it developed. The Cadence is good on my knees, feet and hips and keeps me in my mid-foot strike pattern.

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